PPC-Soft v1.75 - Pay Per Click Software!

PPC-Soft screenshot

  PPC-Soft is a pay-per-click search engine script with a powerfull set of built-in features that have no match with any other software on the market today. With its flexible structure and organization our search engine is built with an addon principles in mind which allows, not only limitless extension possibilities guaranteed to suit everyone's needs, but also stable functionalities from all smaller-size and simplier modules that make this product so good as a whole.


  Last but not least for our customers is the fact that the same modules structure allow you as a customer to pick only the features and modules you need and not everything at once. This way every client can build a search engine that fits exactly his needs and expectations. You need a search engine that advertises your own direct advertisers listings? No problem! Or maybe you do not need direct listings at all and you want to depend on external listings providers? Not a problem neither!


Read below for our features and addons.

Core script features

1. Set of fully customized account levels

  • Ability to set unique access combination only for portal traffic, xml traffic, advertiser tools.
  • Ability to set different bid percent for portal and xml traffic on same account level.
  • Ability to have different referral commissions on every account type.

2. Memberbase management

  • Signup affilites/advertisers with them being able to define what account they signup for.
  • Ability to reject/approve signups and select their future account levels.
  • Suspend accounts which blocks them from sending traffic untill problem is resolved.
  • Delete accounts completelly from database.
  • Modify account levels, user balances.
  • Set custom access to feeds for portal and xml traffic seperatelly, use feed profiles.
  • Check signup date, IP, ip-country.
  • Search feature within memberbase by various fields - name, account level, feeds in use.

3. Feeds management

  • Set bid percent, result limit, connection timeout, clicks per ip for every feed.
  • Set countries allowed to do searches for that feed.
  • Set feed profiles for simplified grouping.
  • Ability to add other PPC-Soft driven feeds by yourself using the included multi-parser module.
  • Ability to add feeds by yourself usign our multi-parser modules for SmartSearch, QualityPPC, SmartPPC and JumboFeed (purchased seperatelly).
  • Install custom feed parsers by yourself (purchased seperatelly).
  • Parallel parsing of feeds for improved performance using cURL and PHP5 (optional, can be turned off).

4. Built-in IP-to-country resolver


Included modules

These modules are included in our base package and do not require seperate purchase.

1. General Statistics v1.75

  • Real-time statistic on all clicks and searches and detailed logs for up to 2 months.
  • Overview statistics for active affiliates:
    search, clicks, CTR, today's earnings, today's average bid.
  • View detailed statistics for single affiliate for any day or period of time.
  • View detailed log for every click or search made on behalf of that affiliate for up to 2 months ago.
  • Overview statistics for running feeds:
    searches, clicks, CTR, paid to affiliates, average bid for the feed (paid to affiliates).
  • Total clicks for the current day, searches, total average bid to affiliates.
  • Estimated statistics for earnings in feeds for easier comparition and profit calculations.
  • Ability to look at statistics for every day back in time.
  • Ability to have compiled per feed and total searches, clicks, average bid, and paid to affiliates for any period between two dates - very good to calculate your profit.

2. Affiliates Payout Manager v1.75 - Automatic management of payout requests.

  • Allow members to request payout at any time with a few clicks.
  • Proccess payouts easily and see statistics on pending requests.
  • Masspay feature for PayPal and MoneyBookers.
  • Set up payout requests on automated, period based processing.
  • Set whatever minimum you decide, apply fees on different payout options.
  • Run a query on a given period and see count and worth of the requests for it.
  • Check all payouts from a given member, when and how much have you paid him/her.
Price: $15

3. Advanced Bids Manager v1.75 - Do not leave bids on luck and control them directly.

  • Ability to set default minimum and maximum bids - any value out of that range will be modified to fit, filtered or hidden.
  • Ability to set custom ranges to any publisher.
  • Turn off the limits for individual publishers or leave it on ONLY for them.
  • Statistics of affiliates and feeds altered clicks with information for affected affiliate/feed earnings.
Price: $30

4. Bad Keywords Filter v1.75 - Limit or fully block traffic on keywords.

  • Ban any keyword globally or for a single feed only.
  • Set an allowed amount of clicks daily before the ban start filtering.
  • See a counter for every block of a search or clicks that occured.
  • Have the blacklists organized by feeds / categories for easier management.
Price: $20

5. Memberbase Mailer v1.75

  • Send emails to your members.
  • Target your emails to publishers, xml partners, advertisers or all of them at once.
  • Save the copy of already sent emails for resends or blanks for new emails.

6. Country Clicks Filter v1.75 - Limit valid clicks only to given countries.

  • Pay only for clicks originating from the countries specified.
Price: $15

7. PPC-Soft XML MultiParser v1.75

  • Add/Remove/Setup new XML feeds on your own.
  • Ability to use single module to parse all feeds driven by our PPC-Soft Search Engine.

Total package price: $150


Please contact us if you want to purchase. Or view our additional modules and addons for PPC-Soft!